Capital Value Plays turnkey private investment programs help successful people secure their desired retirement lifestyle through highly lucrative yet relatively safe and secure participation in real estate related opportunities.

Discover the huge impact rate of return has when compounded over time

 $50,000 compounded at 3% for 10 years = $67, 6% = $89,542...12% = $155,292...18% = $261,692...25% = $465,661
  • What has been your historical return with the investment programs you are currently using?  Will this afford the retirement lifestyle you desire?
  • How much time do you have to accumulate your retirement nest egg?  Higher returns can shorten the time needed to reach your target account balance...or you may find that you have to continue working longer than you desire or sacrifice lifestyle.
  • Short term investments opportunities that compound multiple times in a year accelerate account growth!
Capital Value Plays wants to be your partner in prosperity

 Real Estate can generate significant returns when managed properly, but novice investors often find actual returns are far less than they anticipated...because they are not experts at getting deals done efficiently and as risk free as possible.
  • We leverage the skills of experienced Realtors, contractors and transaction professionals to fully understand the market & most likely expenses and returns, so we can determine which deals meet our stringent investment requirements.
  • We structure deals with conservative estimates of cost and specific risk mitigation techniques.
  • Then we share participation opportunities with individuals who desire the "done-for-you" approach to investing.
Our overarching investment philosophy is to structure creative deals so our money works hard for in the long term we don't have to.   Perhaps that is appealing to you as well.

Two primary investment approaches
  1. Aggressive short term income: we originate & fund short term private mortgages for experienced real estate investors to flip properties...AND we also buy/rehab and flip single family homes ourselves.   Both of these approaches can be VERY lucrative.
  2. Passive long term income: we acquire apartment buildings for consistent cash flow and the advantages of leverage, depreciation and amortization.
It simply makes sense to us, utilize more active/aggressive short term tactics to quickly build a capital base, while also methodically shifting those funds into a portfolio of secure cash flowing assets to be held for long term financial freedom.  That way, when we reach the point of our 70's and beyond we are generating sufficient passive income to provide financial freedom in our retirement years and live the lifestyles of our dreams.

If this makes sense to you too, we welcome participation in our deals.  Whether short term aggressive returns or holding for long term passive income strategies meet your financial goals...we create opportunities for passive participation for you to evaluate.

The purpose of this website is to share our insights and strategies and possibly be the first stage in establishing relationships of like-minded people.  Because we are SEC compliant, we are not offering specific investment opportunities or soliciting general participation in specific deals.  If our approach makes you want to learn more...after we get to know each other better, perhaps we'll discover mutually beneficial opportunities to share.  If you'd like to investigate these ideas further, please call Jay at 214-682-0164 or email
Strategies & opportunities to help your (retirement) money work hard so you won't have to!

If this sounds appealing and you'd like to learn more, please call Jay Leigeber at 214-682-0164 or email 

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